Every city has its own unique vibe, an energy that makes it different from every other city in the world. And when it comes to Tokyo, the world's largest metropolis, that energy is like a constant buzz, literally making the Japanese capital a city that never sleeps. So what if that Tokyo essence was added to other cities around the world? We've got the photos to show you what would happen to six global cities if they were given a touch of Tokyo.

As part of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia taking place in Venice, Italy, Japanese architect Daigo Isshi is currently exhibiting a project titled the "Worldwide Tokyo-lization Project." Originally created as a video piece, this exhibit showcases six different cities from around the world: New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Venice, La Paz, and Buenos Aires. What makes the exhibit so interesting is the superimposition of Tokyo over these six cities, creating a totally new vibe which mixes the energies of the two cities that are made into one. 

When looking at the photos, it's interesting how the cities actually feel different. Adding Tokyo to the different locales definitely makes them feel more crowded, with more of a bustling atmosphere. But it does also take away from what makes the featured cities unique, and it just goes to show you how special every place in the world is.

Daigo Isshi's work, and those of other international architects, will be up at the Venice Biennale until November 26th of this year.

Paris, France

Copenhagen, Denmark

Venice, Italy

La Paz, Bolivia

Buenos Aires, Spain


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