New Taiwanese drama Meet Me @ 1006 is a romantic mystery about a man and a woman meeting in the same apartment where they both live, but not together. They don't exist in the same realm. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn't it? But did you know the real-life world of the actors who star in the intriguing drama might just be even more dramatic?

1. Lego Lee plays Ke Zhen Yu, a lawyer who lost an important case and is forced to downsize to a smaller apartment unit, which is numbered 1006. He has no idea what he is about to run into at the new apartment.

The handsome actor from Love Cuisine may have gotten some tips from his mother, a cooking instructor. He is also the only son born to a wealthy family, with four older sisters. Although he debuted in 2006, he gained real fame when he starred in In a Good Way, a nostalgic look at campus life during the late 1990s in Taiwan. He has a college degree in recreational sports management.

2. Nikki Hsieh plays Cheng jia Le, a rookie reporter who strives for social justice. She lives alone in an apartment unit, so how is it that she keeps running into a strange man who thinks she is a ghost? Fortunately, she's fearless and has a black belt in judo.

Many DramaFever fans remember Nikki fondly from Substitute Princess. The popular actress has an extensive portfolio in dramas and movies and became the central character in her own real-life drama in 2016, when she became a "runaway bride", backing out of her own wedding to her boyfriend of seven years. She remains single but admits she is dating again.

3. Hsieh Kun Da (KunDa) plays Mu Si Ming, a prosecutor who often butts heads with the lawyer Ke Zhen Yu.

While the popular singer-actor was filming Meet Me @ 1006, he took an hour off to register his marriage to longtime girlfriend Alice Ke. Yes, the Alice who was the lead actress from Office Girl and Marry Me or Not. They have been too busy to hold a wedding banquet ever since they married in December. On March 18, Alice surprised KunDa at the studio to celebrate his 36th birthday. Isn't that sweet?

4. Huang Teng Hao (Tender Huang) plays Wu Han Wen, a wealthy heir to his family's business kingdom and very protective older brother to his younger sister.

Before he debuted in acting, Huang Teng Hao spent years working as a hair stylist. Famous musician Jay Chou encouraged him to enter acting. He has starred in numerous dramas and movies.

5. Hsieh Pei En (Aggie Hsieh) plays Wu Ji Ruo, an heiress who turns to her longtime friend, Ken Zhen Yu, for help.

The American-born singer-actress has found success in Taiwan. How she became actress Sonia Sui (The Fierce Wife)'s sister-in-law also seems like a story straight from a drama. After a bitter and very public breakup with boyfriend, actor Yao Yuan Hao, Sonia Sui eventually found happiness when she met Tony Hsieh, a non-celebrity Taiwanese American. It turned out that Tony is Hsieh Pei En's older stepbrother.

Meet Me @ 1006 has started its simulcast on DramaFeer. Check it out!


Meet Me @1006 - 1006的房客

Starring Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh

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