Bounty Hunters, the thrilling action movie starring Lee Min Ho, Tiffany Tang (The Princess Weiyoung), and Wallace Chung (General and I), is coming to DramaFever. Here are some interesting facts about the highly anticipated action movie with a comedic flair.

1. Bounty Hunters is Korean star Lee Min Ho's first Chinese movie. The joint Chinese-Korean film premiered on July 1, 2016, in China.

2. Lee Min Ho co-stars with A-list Chinese actors Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang. The movie is directed by South Korean director Shin Tae Ra.

3. Tiffany Tang and Lee Min Ho's characters are romantically attracted to each other in the movie, but she previously was paired with Wallace Chung in the popular and heart-wrenching romantic drama, My Sunshine.

4. Wallace Chung and Lee Min Ho aren't just best pals in the action comedy movie. They also display very cute bromance.

3. Local fan clubs prepared elaborate gifts to greet Lee Min Ho and the crew when the team was filming on location.

(These photos are from Thailand and South Korea.)

6. Lee Min Ho sang an uplifting song, "Run," in the promotional MV for the movie. (Check out the lyrics HERE.)

7. Xu Zheng Xi (aka Jeremy Jones) previously played the brother of the Virtuous Queen of Han, who was the queen of Han Dynasty's Emperior Wu, played by Raymond Lam

Xu Zhen Xi in real life:

He has a totally different look in Bounty Hunters. You might not recognize him in the movie.

8. Coincidentally, Karena Ng, who co-stars as a hacker, is Raymond Lam's real-life girlfriend.

9. Lee Min Ho was almost seriously injured on the set. A lot of the action scenes were performed by the actors themselves.

10. Take a look at the behind-the-scene footage revealing how the complex and difficult action scenes were constructed.

From 2:07: Lee Min Ho explains that their director demands very authentic and hard-hitting action scenes. You'll see the footage where Lee Min Ho gets hurt when he lands on his head in a fall.

It's really fantastic that DramaFever has secured the rights to show Bounty Hunters, which was the most anticipated movie for fans of Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers, Heirs) and the action comedy genre when it was released in July 2016.

The action comedy movie about highly-skilled bounty hunters pursuing fugitives in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand starts January 28 on DramaFever.

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Bounty Hunters

Starring Lee Min Ho (Heirs) and Tiffany Tang

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