Even though You Are Too Much is recently in the news because of Gu Hye Sun leaving the show due to a medical emergency, the drama is a great watch for its overall outstanding cast and a captivating story that is full of surprising developments and coincidences. Take a look!

<Spoilers Alert> There may be some spoilers if you haven't watched the drama. (I have watched up to episode 10.)

The drama's main theme revolves around two women who are sometimes friends, sometimes rivals in career and romance. The longer format gives room to explore the complex relationship and the interactions with the people surrounding them.

1. Jung Hae Dang, a young woman who makes a living to support her extended family as an impersonator of a famous singer, finds comfort and love from Lee Kyung Soo (Kang Tae Oh), a blind pianist. Gu Hye Sun, who plays Hae Dang from episodes 1 to 6, previously played a blind woman in Angel Eyes. A key element in both dramas is about what happens when the blind character regains eyesight.

2. Yoo Ji Na, the top singer who is impersonated by Hae Dang is a formidable diva who stands up for what she wants but harbors hidden fears, and it would be too simplistic to describe her as a villainess. She is perfectly portrayed by Uhm Jung Hwa, a top award-winning actress who has reigned in Korean cinema and dramas for many years.

3. Lee Kyung Soo, played by Kpop singer Kang Tae Oh of 5urprise, is an integral character to both leading ladies. He is Yoo Ji Na's son who was abandoned at a young age by the singer when she needed to focus on her career. Hae Dang found comfort in Kyung Soo when she was abandoned by her boyfriend who found new love with Yoo Ji Na.


4. Uhm Jung Hwa started her entertainment profession as a singer. Gu Hye Sun aspired to be a singer but gained fame as an actress. She has continued to sing and even written songs and released albums.

The following clip shows the two characters, the diva singer and her impersonator, performing to the same song. (Please visit the first episode on DramaFever for the fully subbed version.)

5. Park Hyun Joon, played by Jung Gyu Woon, is a chaebol heir who is sympathetic to Hae Dang. The handsome actor previously portrayed two traitors in romantic dramas. He dumped Shin Min Ah in Oh My Venus. He killed his wife for another woman in Birth of a Beauty. Will he leave his fiancee in You Are Too Much? It's too early to know how Hyun Joon's character will develop. So he may be a reversal surprise in the new drama.

6. Son Tae Young, wife of actor Kwon Sang Woo, won third runner up in the 2000 Miss Korea pageant. In the action thriller The K2, she played An-Na's mother. In You Are Too Much, she is Park Hyun Joon's rich fiancee who is not above scheming to get what she wants.

7. Coincidentally, Son Tae Young's charming husband, Kwon Sang Woo, is currently starring as a detective in Queen of Mystery. Fortunately the couple's dramas aren't,competing on the same days of the week.

8. Jang Hee Jin stepped in on short notice to replace Gu Hye Sun starting from episode 7. There is a lot of speculation about how viewers will get used to a new Hae Dang, but the the other cast members also have to get used to working with a new actress who comes with her own personality and style.


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Jang Hee Jin has done a commendable job so far.

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You Are Too Much

Starring Uhm Jung Hwa and Gu Hye Sun

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I hope Gu Hye Sun is recovering well. Meanwhile, I recommend You Are Too Much as a great drama with strong female characters. 

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