Taiwanese drama Prince of Wolf has arrived at DramaFever! The unique story portrays a handsome jungle hero (Derek Chang) who was brought up by wolves. He returns to civilization to find romance and adversaries in the modern jungle. The unusual drama overcame initial uncertainties to become a surprise hit. Let's take a closer look at the surprises.

1. Suspend your belief about wolves in Taiwan!

In the drama, a lost child was protected and raised by his "Wolf-dad" and "Wolf-mom." But, Taiwan actually has no native wolves even though the beautiful island is covered in two thirds with mountainous areas and is famed for having 286 mountain summits that are over 3,000 meters high. 

So what did the production team do? 

They hired adorable huskies to play the indispensable wolves. They also did not shy away from promotion events to show off the huskies.

2. Derek Chang shines as a first-time leading man.

The handsome actor with a fit physique has emerged to be a hot young star. 

Previously he only acted in two support roles including one as a supermodel in Stay With Me. But Derek is much more than a pretty face. The 24-year-old actor (23 when he filmed Prince of Wolf) has real scars from donating liver to his father, making him even more endearing.

3. A-Dou, the leading wolf-dog, is reportedly paid more than Derek.

It sounds incredible, but once you see the smart and adorable "wolf" in the drama, you'd probably agree to pay whatever A-Dou charges for his appearances. Besides, he was already an experienced star with his own fan club that exceeded 220,000 followers even before this hit drama. 

4. The drama overcomes negative critics to become a number-one hit!

Some of the critics panned the drama for its improbable premise and fake wolves. Through it all, fans fell in love with Derek Chang and the overall story, and the drama kept rising in ratings. Originally intended as a filler between two bigger dramas, Prince of Wolf ended up as the number-one hit during its broadcast.

5. Derek Chang is apparently good at kissing!

In the drama, he meets and falls in love with a photographer played by Amber An. The couple would go on to win the "Best Kiss" award at the Sanlih Drama Awards, which was held in December 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Doesn't everyone love a surprise hit and a new hot leading man? The drama also has cute side romances with likable young actors in the supporting cast.

The series is now completely uploaded at DramaFever. Enjoy an amazing journey with Prince of Wolf Derek Chang!


Prince of Wolf - 狼王子

Starring Derek Chang and Amber An

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