Actor Tong Da Wei plays kindhearted daddy Luo Su in the FIC Asia drama Tiger Mom. He is the more laid back parent compared to his strict wife Be Sheng Nan (actress Zhao Wei). While drama fans can't wait every Tuesday to catch a glimpse of the talented actor in this new series, I have listed the most intriguing photos of the male lead that will utterly compel you to watch Tiger Mom this summer.

1. Tong knows how to connect with birds, even if they look stuffed. Do you think Mr. Owl is real?

2. He and his lovely wife, Guan Yue, seem to be the perfect couple. This sexy photo is the envy of many. 

3. He is so romantic. The chemistry in this photo is electrifying! He knows how to shower his lady with gifts like a sweet bouquet of roses.

4. Tong knows how to strike a pose on the beach! His modeling skills are stellar. Plus, he can work that red and blue.

5. He can easily portray a sexy yet sophisticated fireman. Who else can pull off this look but Tong?

Which photo makes you anxious to see Tong Da Wei on-screen in Tiger Mom? You can check out the first episode below:

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