Another male celebrity will join the military in 2017, as Ji Chang Wook recently shared his feelings about his upcoming enlistment during a press conference to promote his film Fabricated City, scheduled for release next month. As expected, he seems to be having some pretty mixed emotions about what the future holds.

The star of Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Healer, and The K2 will soon be just another military conscript, joining thousands of others in performing their mandatory duty to serve in the Korean military. Having brought up the possibility of having to enlist in 2017 during an interview in November of last year, Ji Chang Wook unexpectedly brought the subject up again during a promotional press conference for his new action/crime film Fabricated City on January 17th. When describing what sorts of emotions he was going through as he prepares to enlist, he said he was ". . . curious, worried, and excited about how he was going to survive among the dongsaengs who are in their 20s." Apparently, the almost-30-year-old actor, despite having some insecurities and being somewhat apprehensive, has managed to keep his sense of humor about the entire ordeal. Besides, not much he can do about it anyway. Military service is mandatory, and that's the way it goes. 

Fans will no doubt miss him for the two years or so that he's gone. But being a fan of any young Korean male celebrity guarantees this conscription heartache  for everyone. All admirers can do is wait patiently for the return of their stars, and keep supporting them during their military service and beyond. 

So for fans of Ji Chang Wook, it's unfortunate that you'll be missing him for the next two years. But in the meantime, you can get as much of him as you want by binge-watching his shows right here on Dramafever, starting with Bachelor's Vegetable StoreSmile Dong HaeWarrior Baek Dong Soo, Healer, The K2, and more. Time flies — by the time you're just about done watching everything he's been in, he'll be back and be ready for more.

Trailer for Fabricated City

At the press conference on January 17th, announcing his upcoming enlistment