The 15th Annual All Japan Hide-And-Go-Seek Championship took place in Gifu Prefecture in central Japan three days ago, and this event honestly sounds like the funnest game of hide-and-go-seek on Earth.

The onsen (natural hot spring) town of Yumura, which literally translates into "Hot Water Town," hosted the All Japan Hide-And-Go-Seek Championships, an annual event that also includes a dress-up competition. Dressing up is not part of the requirement for entering, but it's now the main attraction for most involved as the best costumes win a prize, regardless of how you do in hide-and-go-seek. As a participant, you have the choice to go hide or go seek, it's your call. This year, there were about 300 hiders and 380 seekers. When the game starts, the hiders take off running to go find their hiding spots. A little while later, the seekers set off to look for them. The whole onsen district gets cordoned off, no vehicles allowed. Of course, since you're dressed up like Super Mario, it's pretty hard to hide yourself. But when you get caught, both you and the person who found you go straight to the registration desk where you'll be given what is like a raffle ticket for the opportunity to win some prizes.

So it's all just for fun. People just pretend to hide; they really just wanna run around in their costumes. It's almost like a parade.

And after you spend the afternoon running around and laughing, a hot, soothing, natural hot spring bath awaits!

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