An annual summer night aquarium exhibit titled "Art Aquarium 2014" is ready to open its doors in the Nihonbashi district in Tokyo on July 11th, and those who know about it are getting really excited.

Just as the name says, Art Aquarium is part art, part aquarium. The official name of the exhibit is "ECO EDO Nihonbashi Art Aquarium~2014. Goldfish Cooling Edo." Edo, as many of you may know, is the old name for Tokyo. This exhibit celebrates the connection Japanese people have long had with goldfish, while celebrating the city of Tokyo, both past and present, and its summers. The goldfish swim around in Japanese-themed exquisite aquariums/installations, and are lit up with dazzling LED lights and projection mapping. There are even pieces of valuable kimonos and other items from the Edo period, all goldfish themed. You can enjoy strolling through this surreal space as you sip on an original "Goldfish Cocktail," or sake, beer, or even a mojito. On weekends, the exhibit turns into a chill party for adults. "Geisha Night" promises a geisha show and DJ to provide some music to give it even more atmosphere, as if that were possible.

And it's not just for adults, of course. During the day, it's more family friendly. It's free for infants under 3, 600 yen (6 dollars) for kids, and 1000 yen for adults.

I would definitely be checking this place out if I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo this summer. Last year, 500,000 visitors made the trip. This year, they're expecting 3 million.

No wonder. I bet it's amazing.

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