My Mister is a somber and emotionally stirring K-drama. The series got off to a slow start with viewers being introduced to the seemingly mundane existence of white-collar workers. Beneath the surface, we learn everyone working there has a heartbreaking story to tell. Let's revisit a few of the most jarring scenes that are bound to stay with us until the finale.

1. If learning Lee Ji An killed someone wasn't jarring enough, through flashbacks we find out the murder she committed was in self-defense after the person attacked her grandmother as well. Her flashbacks come rushing back when she was spying on Park Dong Hoon.

2. Ji An suffers physical abuse at the hands of her loan shark on a regular basis, but their past is deeper than any of us could fathom. The man she murdered is directly related to the loan shark. This scene resulted in one of her most brutal injuries.

3. After Dong Hoon admitted during dinner that everyone he hates seems to succeed, Ji An requested that he feel extreme hatred toward her. Of course, she would return the favor. Somehow the theater term "break a leg" doesn't seem so harsh now.

4. While we were anticipating a more "heart fluttering" scene on the crowded train, Ji An was busy playing the villian. As soon as she and Dong Hoon got close, she hacked into his phone so she could spy on him day and night to try and dig up some dirt.

5. Just when you start wondering what kind of affair Dong Hoon's wife is having with his co-worker, you discover it's purely sexual. It seems that her clandestine meetings with her lover always end up in the bedroom.

Which My Mister scene has rattled you the most so far?


My Mister

Starring Lee Sun Gyun and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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