The exciting series Missing Nine premiered last week and stars Jung Kyung HoBaek Jin Hee, EXO's Chanyeol and more definitely delivered! All of the flashbacks and heart-stopping action came at the most unexpected times. Most of those jaw-dropping scenes are the main reason we'll keep coming back week after week.

Let's take a look at those shocking scenes below:

1. Missing Nine's opening scene was jarring with Ra Bong Hee (actress Bae Jin Hee) waking up alone on a shore in China. So many questions came to mind during this segment. Who is she and what is she doing on this shore all alone?

2. We quickly learn that the road to discovering the truth with be a long one, because Bong Hee has no recollection of the past four months. I guess 20 episodes should be more than enough time for her to spill the beans.

3. Not only did the tragic plane crash happen during her first day as Seo Joon Oh's (actor Jung Kyung Ho) stylist, but we find out her employer is actually a washed-up celebrity with a troubled past.  

4. Our newbie stylist accidentally witnessed two celebrities making out on the plane. Apparently, their secret affair must remain a well-kept secret, because they interrogated her about taking photos of them together. 

5. Minutes before they nosedived into the ocean, the crew and passengers were thrown around the plane like rag dolls. The chandelier fell on them too! It can't get anymore terrifying than that.

6. Hearts sank when the plane submerged in water and everyone seemed to instantly drown. The fact that Seo Joon Oh and Ra Bong Hee miraculously survived the plane crash is remarkable!

7. When fellow passengers reveal that they also survived the crash, we jumped for joy! Although, Bong Hee's sole rescue still means they faced a grim future. 

Episode three is headed our way today! Which jaw-dropping moment from the first two episodes hooked you? 

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Missing Nine

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