In the history of K-drama beauty trends, Ji Sung would be the first actor — read: not actress — who got a makeup product sold out.

Actor Ji Sung of Kill Me, Heal Me wore a lip tint, and got it sold out in a matter of time.

In the drama, Ji Sung plays Cha Do Hyun, who suffers from multiple personality disorder. He has seven personalities, and one of them is a seventeen-year-old high school girl named Ahn Yona. She’s a troublemaker who’s not interested in school but K-pop idol stars and looking good.

On the eighth episode of Kill Me Heal Me, which aired on January 29, Ahn Yona wore a pink suit with full makeup. In one scene, she whipped out a pink lip tint and wore it on her lips. It looked so good on her — Ji Sung — that fans started digging for the brand and color name of the lip tint. If you didn’t know, Korean fans are like detectives when it comes to finding things online.

After the episode aired, it was only a matter of time until the fans identified the lip tint, rebranding it as the “Yona tint.” It’s from makeup brand Hera, which actress Jeon Ji Hyun promotes.

It’s called Hera sheer holic pop tint color #1 Marilyn Pink. It’s sold out offline, but you can still get it on Amazon.

Kill Me Heal Me is actor Ji Sung’s most recent romantic comedy. It tells a story of a man from a conglomerate family who has seven different identities and his secret doctor. Watch the most recent episode of this hot drama here:

What do you think about this new K-drama beauty fad? I think Ji Sung might film a lip tint commercial soon. Or maybe he already has: