Actor Joo Won (Good Doctor) recently revealed during a radio interview that one of the ways he kicks back and relaxes during his off time is hanging at the Han River.

Joo Won revealed he loves spending time lounging around on park benches at the Han River, drinking coffee and people watching. He also meets up with friends and even has guitar jam sessions. He stated, “I recently took a friend who is good at playing guitar to the Han River and played guitar. We were there from 1 in the afternoon until 2 in the morning. Many people had gathered.”

Joo Won holding a guitar. Now imagine him on a bench with his guitar.

How lucky were those people?! But here’s the catch; the Han River area is huge! See, the thing is, Joo Won failed to mention exactly where along the Han River he hangs out so that we can all relax with him! The Han River runs all along Seoul, and there are various areas throughout Seoul where you can view the river and relax.

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Currently, Joo Won is busy with various projects in both Korea and China. He's been cast in the upcoming film Xiao You Qiao Mu, and he'll also be starring in the Korean version of the Japanese Manga Nodame Cantabile planned supposedly for October.

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