Idols showcase their many talents through a variety of activities. They sing, dance, model and even act! However, there are some actors who have surprising hidden talents as well. Have you ever wondered if your favorite actor or actress could dance just like their fellow idol co-stars? I have found five stars who can do just that!

1. Park Shin Hye

There are several videos online of the Pinocchio actress slaying with her surprising dance skills. She has mastered choreography for K-Pop and Western songs. Why hasn't she been recruited by a top dance team yet?

2. Kim Min Jae 

The Twenty Again actor first showed off his music skills on the Mnet rap competition series Show Me The Money 4. The spotlight was placed on the actor and rapper's dancing ability when he and actress Kim Sae Ron did their MC intro performance for MBC's Music Core last year.

3. Go Ah Ra

Hailing from SM Entertainment pretty much puts the You Are All Surrounded actress up close and personal with the hottest idols in the K-Pop world. Their dancing skills have definitely rubbed off on her, because she can bring it on the dance floor!

4. Kim Soo Hyun 

After his heartwarming performance on the musical school series Dream High, Kim hit the dance floor again for classic swing dancing. With his coveted musical talent, I'm shocked he didn't become a full-fledged idol. 

5. Yoon Si Yoon

The Prime Minister and I star primarily dances to entertain his fans. He may act silly for them, but you can definitely see his dancing potential. 

Who is your favorite from this list of dancing actors? 


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