Almost every house, apartment, and room seen in K-dramas are absolutely amazing and make us wish that we could live the K-drama life. But some of the best rooms are usually the bedrooms. From My Love From Another Star to Prosecutor Princess, K-drama characters certainly do know how to live in luxury! I, for one, would love to spend a night in all of these beautiful bedrooms!

Below are 10 amazing K-drama bedrooms that every K-drama fan wishes could be theirs! Which bedroom is your favorite? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

1. Cheon Song Yi's bedroom in My Love From Another Star

The comfy circle bed. The giant photo of Cheon Song Yi herself. The beautiful vanity. There is so much to love about Cheon Song Yi's room. I am definitely guilty of lusting after her beautiful space!

2. Lee Seol's bedroom in My Princess

Lee Seol's elegant bedroom is definitely fit for a princess! I love the columns and the steps leading up to the bed...Someone please come tell me that I am actually royalty so I can have a room like that!

3. Choi Han Kyul's bedroom in Coffee Prince

A bed that slides out from the wall? What an ingenious idea! Only Han Kyul would have such an awesome bed!

4. Seo Jung Hoo's bedroom in Healer

Jung Hoo definitely wins the awards for most unique bed and most relaxing scenery! Who wouldn't want to fall asleep next to ocean like that (or at least next to a picture of the ocean)?

5. Do Min Joon's bedroom in My Love From Another Star

How could I mention Cheon Song Yi's magnificent bedroom without also noting Do Min Joon's minimalist and modern bedroom as well? One of the best features of Min Joon's room is his light-up platform bed. When it gets dark, the best emits a eerie green glow. Foreshadowing of his alien nature maybe?

6. Hwang Tae Kyung's bedroom in You're Beautiful

In my opinion, the best thing about this bedroom is the life-size photo of Tae Kyung on the wall. What is it with famous drama characters having photos of themselves on their wall? Not that I'm complaining...

7. Kim Tan's bedroom in Heirs

Kim Tan's massive bedroom in Heirs is definitely one to envy. While it is very boyish, I think I could definitely be comfortable in his room!

8. Ma Hye Ri's bedroom in Prosecutor Princess

There is so much I love about Hye Ri's bedroom setup, including her awesome bed, huge blown-up flower picture, and the open access to the rest of her apartment. It is light and airy, but is still a clearly defined bedroom space. Oh, I wish I could be Hye Ri...

9. Joo Yoo Rin's bedroom in My Girl

I included this bedroom on this list mostly for nostalgia. My Girl was one of my first Korean dramas I watched back in high school, and I remember being in love with Yoo Rin's girly bedroom. I loved everything about it! And having Gong Chan right across the hall would definitely be a great perk!

10. Jang Jae Yeol's "bedroom" in It's Okay That's Love

What kind of greatest bedroom list would this be without Jae Yeol's bedroom/bathroom? Did anyone else think of curling up in their bathtub after seeing Jae Yeol do it?

Which K-drama bedroom would you like to be yours? Comment down below!

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