Father's Day is coming up this weekend, and it's a great time to honor and appreciate our fathers everywhere. As a K-drama addict, I started to think of K-drama fathers as well. While there are definitely some awesome K-drama dads in Dramaland (like Goo Dae Sung in Cinderella's Sister or Yang Chul Dong in Flower Boy Ramen Shop) there are also some pretty terrible ones. 

Parental conflict is a plot device that is often used by K-dramas to make characters more sympathetic and to give the viewer a glimpse into the hardship they have experienced. Therefore, there are many not-so-great K-drama dads that definitely make you thankful that your real life father is not a K-drama dad.

1. Kim Nam Yun - Kim Tan's father in Heirs

To say that Kim Tan's family life is complicated is an understatement. Even worse, his father is just not a very good person. He allows his wife (who isn't Kim Tan's real mother but acts like she is) to hide away Madam Han, Tan's true mother, and encourages the rivalry between his two sons. He cares more about the success of his company than Kim Tan and sees his son as useless if he cannot contribute to the business. And he cares nothing about the happiness of his son. When he finds out that Tan likes Eun Sang, he arranges for her to go to Jeguk High School because he knows that the other students will demonstrate why she and Tan cannot be together. Typical evil K-drama dad — letting others do his job for him so he doesn't have to get his hands dirty.

2. Wi Dae Han - Wi Mae Ri's father in Mary Stayed Out All Night

Wi Dae Han is definitely one of the most pitiful deadbeat fathers out there. And he is definitely not to be trusted with any amount of money. His failed business ventures and gambling debts have landed him and Mae Ri in so much debt that she can no longer afford to go to college and must work odd jobs to try and save money. And what is Dae Han's solution to their money problems? To marry his daughter off without her consent! He even goes as far to forge her signature on a marriage registration! He really has no regard for Mae Ri's happiness and only cares for money. If Dae Han (and so many other deadbeat K-drama fathers) can teach us one thing, it's stay away from loan sharks!

3. Yoo Jae Boom - Yoon Soo Wan's father in Angel Eyes

Yoo Jae Boom is a father who falls into the category of the "well-intentioned father" who is actually kind of crazy. He wants the best for Yoo Soo Wan but will completely disregard her feelings and actions (as well as basic medical ethics) in order to make that happen. His conniving actions ultimately make Soo Wan strongly resent him, and we definitely don't blame her. He holds out until the very end and never really apologizes for his actions.

4. Han Tae Joon - Han Jung Woo's father in I Miss You

Han Tae Joon is completely driven by money and reputation and cares little for his family, especially his son Jung Woo. He is just a really terrible person who has a laundry list of horrible actions against him, including putting Kang Hyun Joo in a mental hospital, crippling her son Hyung Joon, leading his son and Soo Yeon to get kidnapped, and then faking Soo Yeon's death so she would go away. There are so many reasons for Jung Woo to hate his father that I'm not sure I could pick the best one!

5. Choi Dong Uk - Choi Young Do's father in Heirs

If you want to watch a drama on bad parent-child relationships, look no further than Heirs. Besides Kim Tan's horrible father, we also have Choi Dong Uk, the womanizing and abusive father of bad boy Choi Young Do. But honestly, with a father like Dong Uk, how can you blame Young Do for getting into so much trouble? Young Do's father is not only emotionally manipulative, but he will also take any chance he can to show his physical power over Young Do. He berates Young Do and shoots him down at every chance he gets. All Young Do wants is love and acceptance!

6. Lee Jin Pyo - Lee Yoo Sung's adoptive father in City Hunter

Every orphan wishes for a father. But not a father who will manipulate them and turn them into an agent of vengeance. Now this is not to say that Jin Pyo is a bad person (although he does do some pretty bad things over the course of the drama). He is fighting for the legacy and remembrance of his operational unit, which was all but exterminated when a mission went wrong. He is filled with anger at his government, which is understandable. However, that is not an excuse to use your son as a dispensable weapon. He doesn't allow Yoo Sung to live his own life and has made his war Yoo Sung's war as well.

7. Gong Soo Hwan - Gong Gi Tae's father in Marriage Not Dating

So much is wrong with Gong Gi Tae's father, Soo Hwan. He's just not a very good person. He is incredibly selfish and is a cheater. He expects his family to follow him and worship him when he treats them like crap. He was all about appearances and having his family look good when really he was a terrible father and husband. Gong Gi Tae and his mother deserve better that Soo Hwan.

8. Lee Boom Joong - Lee Hwi Kyung's and Lee Jae Kyung's father in My Love From Another Star

Lee Boom Joong doesn't have too much face time in My Love From Another Star, but it is his indirect actions that put him on this list of worst fathers. First of all, whether he admits it or not, you can tell he knows something is off about Jae Kyung. He is constantly covering for his middle son whenever he gets into trouble. His protective actions even helped Jae Kyung get away with murdering his older brother and put Hwi Kyung in danger. Boom Joong cannot be blamed for the actions of Jae Kyung (he has some serious issues), but he can be blamed for his neglectful actions that allowed Jae Kyung to get away with as much as he did.

Which K-drama father do you think is the worst? Let us know in the comments below!

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