June has arrived, and that means it's time for many to head to the beach. Three full months of sun and fun await us ... if we could just look fabulous in our swimwear! Of course, everyone is beautiful just the way they are, but some gorgeous celebrities give us a complex with their perfect on-screen bodies. 

The question is, who do you envy in dramaland?  

I have found eight K-dramas featuring stars with perfect bodies we all wish we had:

1. My Secret Romance 

Sung Hoon didn't have too many shirtless scenes in this DramaFever favorite, however, the ones he did have were heaven for viewers. From swimming to the one night stand, the 34-year-old heartthrob made hearts flutter around the world.

2. The K2 

Ji Chang Wook delivers the best fan service in his productions! You get a glimpse of the 29-year-old actor's picture perfect physique in this action series, but controversy started when that iconic shower scene happened in episode 4. These screencaps were taken right after that moment. I'd say everyone involved in the shower fight scene set beach body goals. Don't miss the sexy Ji Chang Wook in his new show Love in Trouble too.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The main couple are models in real life, but it was Nam Joo Hyuk who proudly showcased his chiseled physique in the dead of winter. Cold temperatures mean nothing if you have a great body to show off. This 23-year-old star definitely does!

4. Let's Drink

Actress Hwang Woo Seul Hye set teacher goals by flaunting her perfect figure last fall. Who says instructors have to be frumpy to be good at their craft?  Not in dramaland! The 37-year-old beauty had a hourglass figure ladies would die for. I wonder what her exercise plan looks like.

5. Lovely Love Lie

We all knew Joy was an idol prior to joining the cast of this musical series, and she proved her idol status with her incredible figure (and great vocals). The 20-year-old cutie turned more than Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Seo Won's heads in this series. Who else could wear skinny jeans and a variety of mini-skirts so effortlessly? 

6. Dream High

Since he debuted with 2PM in 2008, the beastly idol has always been in excellent shape! His fans were in awe once again when he graced them with his chocolate abs this 2011 musical. You have to love Taecyeon! He knows how to deliver the fan service.

7. Birth of a Beauty

Han Ye Seul was very proud of her slender body that resembled Audrey Hepburn's. If you were born with a fast metabolism, this 34-year-old lady showed you how to dress up and be proud of the soft curves you were given. Beaches are no sweat!

8. Cinderella and Four Knights

Park So Dam had her glam moments in the revamped version of Boys Over Flowers. She may have never gone to a beach in the series, but we could clearly see she had nothing to worry about when those warm summer months came. The 25-year-old actress' hourglass figure makes us all want to start our workout routines ASAP!

Which K-drama featured a hot star with a body you envied?

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com


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