JI Chang Wook is killing it as the lethal soldier turned bodyguard in The K2. His role as Kim Je Ha is poised to be one of his most memorable yet. The intense action and emotion filled episodes are beyond amazing, and we are only up to episode 4! The excruciating wait until Friday is almost too much to handle! While we all wait for Ji Chang Wook to heroically save Yoona's character again this weekend, let's reminisce about previous dramas from the talented director ad writer behind The K2

Writer Jang Hyeok Rin

1. Yong Pal 

This Joo Won cirme series earned it's title as the most popular K-drama in primetime last year. Young surgeon Kim Tae Hyun's dire financial circumstances usher him into a career as a mercenary doctor for hire. Along the way, his comatose patient Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) is in danger and it's up to him to save her. 

Director Kwak Jung Hwan

2. Neighborhood Hero

Park Shi Hoo's comeback drama was full of liquor and crime fighting. He portrayed secret agent turned bar owner who is dedicated to giving his customers the best service whether it be in his bar or out in the real world. 


Neighborhood Hero

Starring Park Shi Hoo and Kwon Yu Ri

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3. Basketball

Heartthrob Do Ji Han stars as a young basketball player who dreams of representing a unified Korea in the 1948 London Olympics. This period piece is full of action and love as he falls head over heels for a lovely magazine reporter. 

4. Chuno

Another champ in the ratings department, Jang Hyuk's historical series depicted the deadly struggle to protect a lover during the Joseon dynasty, A noble lord transforms into an unmerciful slave hunter to find the woman he was tragically separated from ten years prior. 

5. Reset

The 2014 thriller series starring Chun Jung Myung and Kim So Hyun was about a prosecutor who hypnotizes himself in order to forget his first love's suicide and the crime that drove her to it. 

Which hot K-drama hooked you from the very beginning?

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Image Credits: Ji Chang Wook's Instagram  and OCN