Next Friday, Cha Eun Woo returns to dramaland as a leading man in the JTBC rom-com My ID is Gangnam Beauty. He'll portray the sensible character Do Kyung Seok, who values a person's character over their appearance. The ASTRO member is no stranger to acting with several productions under his belt since his 2014 debut. As we patiently wait for the premiere of My ID is Gangnam Beauty, let's take a moment to appreciate some handsome stills of Cha Eun Woo in the Korean dramas To Be Continued and The Best Hit.

1. Eun Woo was ready for his close-up prior to his debut with ASTRO.

2. His early acting days were precious!

3. Music inspired and helped him reminisce about the good times in To Be Continued.

4. A school uniform becomes him.

5. There is no better entrance in a Kdrama than with a wink.

6. Art imitated life when the idol tried to disguise himself for a convenience store stop.

7. His adorable angry face can end any argument!

8. It's clear that stylish shades really bring his idol persona to life.

9. Even his pretend drowsiness is full of aegyo!

10. That moment when a top star recognizes someone from a previous meeting is everyone's dream, and it happened in The Best Hit.

Don't miss this 21 year-old hearttrob when My ID is Gangnam Beauty premieres Friday, July 27 on DramaFever.


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