Kim Woo Bin tries not to break hearts. The Love Cells actor sat down with TV Report yesterday for an exclusive interview. During their friendly chat, the tough actor exposed his marshmallow interior. His bad boy roles are purely an act.

"I always like saying 'I love you.' When I send texts, I even use the heart [symbols] too much," he told the news outlet.

They were so curious about his heart texting that the interviewer inquired if he sent his former Heirs co-star Park Shin Hye an abundance of hearts.

He responded with this clever comment: "It could create misunderstandings with female actresses. So, I'm usually careful."

His crime film The Technicians (aka The Con Artists) hits theaters on December 24.

Do you want Kim Woo Bin to text you a heart? 

Watch Kim Woo Bin with Park shin Hye in Heirs:

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