Actor Kim Woo Bin attended the press conference of his upcoming movie The Technicians today. During the conference, which was held in the Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Station, Kim promoted his new film while giving a little information about his personal life.

One of the MCs asked him about his days in school. They mentioned that they heard about him being a good student before he began his acting career. “I had good grades until middle school, " he responded. "I studied what I wanted to after that.”

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The Technicians is about a man named Ji Hyuk, who is a master at breaking into safes, and his crew. The Heirs actor had the following to say about his new character: “The character Ji Hyuk is a jack of all trades. It would have been nice to focus on one thing." He added, "However, it was physically exhausting because I had to exercise my brain and body. The director guided me well, and  I was energized by Go Chang Suk and Lee Hyun Woo. I enjoyed filming.”

His new movie premieres in theaters on December 24. 

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