The lonely nights brought on by being in a long-distance relationships may finally be coming to an end! A PhD candidate in London, England has come up with a kissable accessory for smartphones — a large, oval, silicone-lip phone case, which captures the sensation of an actual planted kiss, and relays it to your significant other, no matter where they are in the world. How romantic . . . and weird!

Named the Kissinger, this amorous gadget was created by Emma Yann Zhang, a Computer Science PhD student at City University, London. Based off a previous invention by another researcher about five years ago, Emma's version is way more practical than what was presented in 2012, which was two robots with silicone lips that could kiss each other and supposedly feel the sensation. In Emma's version, a lonely lover would plant a kiss on an oval silicone lip-pad. The high-precision sensors in the pad would register the sensation, then get picked up by sensors on the receiver's lips, which would then replicate the feeling of the smooch.

But for Emma, this device is not just for lovers. Parents, for example, could use it to kiss their kids, even while they're at work and the children are at home. This all sounds pretty crazy, and it's going to get even crazier. As we speak, Emma is working hard towards creating as real a kissing experience as possible. Along with her partners, Emma is looking into bringing scent into it, recreating smells of the kisser and kissed. She also wants to be able to record blood pressure and heart rates, to see how aroused people get when kissed by a big, oval silicone lip. Yes, this is all very scientific.

The Kissenger, ladies and gentlemen. The day may one day come, when you can plant a kiss on your sweetheart, no matter how far apart you both are from each other. But remember, that's only if they're willing to actually kiss a big, silicone, phone cover for you, too.

Kiss me!


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