Once seen on the faces of young females all over Japan, a colorful and sparkly makeup trend has crossed into neighboring Korea, where it has has been showcased by some of the country's biggest idols. Called "Kira Kira," the style involves putting glitter, stickers, shiny studs, or beads anywhere around the eyes and cheeks, creating a magical look straight out of a fantasy.

Part of kawaii culture, Kira Kira Makeup is now the favorite look of a number of Korean idols and their fans. In the last few months alone, stars like Sunmi from the Wonder Girls, SHINee's Key, and IU have all uploaded photos of themselves made up in the popular Japanese style on their social media accounts. Just last month, Korea's most popular beauty blogger Pony even got into the game, posting a shot of her face decorated in what she captioned "Mint crystals." With the influence she has, along with so many K-pop stars jumping on the bandwagon, the Kira Kira look may catch on even more in the near future. The makeup is already not only seen on faces of idols in K-pop videos, but at concerts and parties, where girls are looking just to have a little fun.

Besides the obvious reasons why the look is so popular, it has one benefit that comes as an added bonus. Kira Kira has also been nicknamed "Hangover Makeup," because it can hide any hints on your face of excessive partying the night before. Now that sounds like a perfect look.

Fashion blogger Pony and her mint-crystal look


Key from SHINee

Sunmi from Wonder Girls

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