I wrote about Korea's most popular makeup artist Pony on this site around the same time last year, about her out-of-this-world makeup skills and her incredible transformation into Taylor Swift. And now, you can sit back and watch as the talented artist turns herself into Kylie Jenner. It's absolutely crazy!

It's no wonder that Pony, real name Park Hye Min, has 3.3 million Instagram followers and over 2 million YouTube subscribers. Sure, that may not sound like much in the world of celebrity and fame, but this girl is a makeup artist, with fans all over the world who not only admire the work, but idolize her. What sets Pony apart from most other internet-famous makeup gurus is her ability to apply her own skills to herself and completely transform into what looks like a completely different woman. When she became Taylor Swift, the video instantly went viral, having been played on Youtube over 13 million times to date.

Pony is obviously talented. She's so talented, in fact, that she's decided to turn herself into Kylie Jenner this time, just for fun. And even if makeup's not your thing, watching the video will be a trip. It's absolutely crazy how different she makes herself look. I have no idea what she does with her eyes, but I swear I started to think that I was watching Kylie Jenner in some music video! As you can see, Pony is an amazing makeup artist. 

The power of makeup will never cease to amaze me.





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