Jessica & Krystal recently premiered on DramaFever, and in the fun reality show, the two lovely idol sisters give us a glimpse of their personalities, their everyday interactions with each other, and their sense of style. Jessica has long been known as a fashionista due to her years in Girls' Generation, but her sister Krystal of f(x) has also had some incredible fashion moments. Let's take a moment to appreciate six K-pop looks that made us jealous of Krystal. 

1. La Cha Ta (2009)

Can you say "dancing princess?" The choreography was intense for f(x)'s debut song, and the 21-year-old wore clothes made for a superstar. Bow to style!

2. Chu (2009)

Krystal looked like a happy little girl for this concept. Her style was carefree, fun and so youthful.  Who doesn't like having fun with fashion statements?

3. Pinocchio (2011)

In the music video for this single, f(x) was going for the candy factory effect. Krystal's attire looked like she was going to a futuristic party. The colors were bright and cheerful, while the style was funky and fit for a doll.

4. Hot Summer (2011)

Krystal was on fire during f(x)'s Hot Summer promotions! I'm pretty sure many fans will agree that she was much hotter than the temperature outside. She wore short, bright-colored outfits, but the red mini dress below caught everyone's attention in 2011. 

5. Red Light (2014)

Wow! Her dark sexy look was mysterious and haunting. Plus, her long blond locks were eye-popping and made her K-pop style even more unique. 

6. 4 Walls (2015)

She and her girl group time traveled back to the 1970s to bring ultra trendy, bell-bottom pants back. The form-fitting blouse and high waist pants really showed off her perfect figure. 

Now that you have seen some of her outstanding K-Pop fashions, tune into Jessica & Krystal to get a glimpse of her everyday sense of style. 


Jessica & Krystal

Starring Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung

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