Following my good guy article about squeaky clean male stars, it is time to learn more about the good girls in the South Korean entertainment industry. They work hard to bring home the bacon and maintain impeccable public images. Take a look at just a few of the lovely ladies with squeaky clean images.

1. Moon Chae Won

The Shining Inheritance star has never been involved in any heated scandals because she has been working hard on K-dramas and movies since 2007. She debuted in the high school SBS mini series Mackerel Run alongside Lee Min Ho, and she has been on fire ever since! Between filming hot projects like It's Okay, Daddy's GirlGood DoctorNice Guy, and War Of The Arrows, who has time for scandals?

2. Go Ah Ra

Besides her close friendship with DBSK's Yun Ho being under a microscope, the You're All Surrounded actress has kept her name spotless. She debuted in the entertainment industry as a child actress in the cute KBS2 teen series Sharp. Little Lee Ok Rim has made her fans proud over the years by becoming a popular actress and model. 

3. Eugene

She remained single for a number of years following her break-up with the late Park Yong Ha. Instead of being involved in scandals, she embraced her true love! After rumors began swirling that she was dating her Creating Destiny co-star Ki Tae Young, the pair actually began dating and eventually wed.

4. Song Ha Yoon

The Dream Knight actress changed her stage name from Kim Byul to Song Ha Yoon to reflect her maturity. She has been under the radar due to her hard work in supporting roles since the 2003 KBS melodrama Sang Doo, Let's Go To School.. She recently hit the jackpot by landing back-to-back leading roles in Sweden Laundry and Dream Knight.

See Song Ha Yoon team up with the guys of Got7 in Dream Knight:

Who would you add to this celebrity list of good girls?

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