Exciting fall shows are already starting to premiere, and viewers have a wonderful variety of genres to choose from. If you are a rom-com, historical, action, mystery or medical fan, you're going to love the next installment of K-dramas. Let's take a look at some of the leading actors who are guaranteed to catch your eye in each production.

1. Choi Jin Hyuk - Devilish Joy

He is currently playing a brain specialist who is suffering from memory loss. After Gong Ma Sung was involved in an accident, he is only able to remember things on a daily basis. Everyday is a new beginning for him which makes his budding romance with an actress very difficult.

2. EXO's D.O. - 100 Days My Prince

The idol plays Crown Prince Lee Yool in the historical rom-com. Lee Yool's perfect royal life is interrupted for 100 days when he develops amnesia and lives the life of commoner Won Deok. However, he didn't expect to fall in love with a pretty commoner during his hiatus.

3. So Ji Sub - Terius Behind Me (premieres on September 26)

He takes on the role of NIS black ops agent Terius. He's undefeated went it comes to catching criminals and solving mysteries. His widow neighbor will soon need his help to find out who murdered her husband.

4. Seo Kang Joon - The Third Charm (premieres on September 28)

Following his impressive performance in http://deeplink.me/http://www.dramafever.com/drama/5193" target="_blank">Are You Human Too, Seo returns to TV as perfectionist On Joon Young. The bookworm character loves for everything in his life to have order. Joon Young's flawless college existence is turned upside down when he meets his complete opposite on a blind date.

5. Song Seung Hun - The Player (premieres on September 28)

Song makes his crime K-drama comeback in this action-packed series. His character, Kang Ha Ri, was born and raised a criminal by a family of hustlers. He's a veteran conman with looks and a voice that would captivate anyone.

6. Kim Young Kwang - Room No. 9 (premieres on September 29)

He has accepted the role of doctor Ki Yoo Jin. In the mystery series, he seems like the perfect man on the outside with his manners, looks and high ranking profession. Unfortunately, Mr. Perfect is hiding a dark secret.

7. Lee Min Ki - Beauty Inside (premieres on October 1)

Lee plays a man who suffers from prosopagnosia but falls in love with a unique celebrity. Seo Do Jae is an airline executive who hides the fact that he can't memorize faces. He perfects his ability to memorize people's personalities and mannerisms and ends up loving a beautiful human with a secret of their own.

8. Go Soo - Two Lives One Heart (premieres on October 10)

He scored the part of a doctor in training! Go will play a thoracic surgery fellow named Park Tae Soo, who has been training for four years. Work is very personal for him, because his mother is one of the patients waiting for a heart transplant.

9. Choi Tae Joon - So I Married an Anti-Fan (premieres in 2018)

Choi takes over Chanyeol's role as the Hallyu star obsessed with keeping his image squeaky clean. In the original Chinese film, the A-list star was somewhat stuck-up, and we can only imagine that character Hoo Joon will do the same. He may have an adoring fandom, but one anti-fan arrives to shake up his fairy tale existence.

Which actor are you excited about seeing the most?

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