This month kicks off even more hot Kdramas you can't miss! July, August and September is guaranteed to be gorgeous in dramaland! Gifted leading ladies in productions speak life into the shows with the charm and beauty they bring. Let us introduce you to the ladies headlining the next set of Korean dramas you'll love.

1. Baek Jin Hee (Let's Eat 3)

She joins the popular franchise for the very first time as character Lee Ji Woo. She's an old college classmate of Goo Dae Young (Yoon Doo Joon) that will walk down food memory lane with him. You may remember her best in last year's mystery romance Missing Nine.

2. Shin Hye Sun (Thirty But Seventeen premieres on July 23)

The Stranger actress has excelled in so many supporting roles. Shin has earned a starring role! In her new romantic series, she plays a 17 year-old girl trapped in a 30 year-old body. Her character, Woo Seo Ri, tragically ended up in a coma only to wake up over a decade later.

3. Im Soo Hyang (My ID is Gangnam Beauty premieres on July 27)

The IRIS 2 actress is ready to star in her first Kdrama of the year! She takes on the part of bullied college student Kang Mi Rae. After enduring harsh treatment for her looks before and after plastic surgery, Mi Rae will finally find true love with fellow student Do Kyung Seok (Cha Eun Woo).

4. Han Ji Min (Wife I Know premieres on August 1)

The Hyde, Jekyll and I actress headlines this new series as the wife Seo Woo Jin, who works hard at balancing her work and family life. She and Cha Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) have been married for five years.

5. Lee Ha Na (Voice 2 premieres on August 11)

She plays Kang Kwon Joo for the second year in a row in the sequel to OCN's hit 2017 show. The mystery thriller wouldn't be the same without her voice recognition skills.

6. Esom (The Third Charm premieres in September)

After romancing Kang Ha Neul in Like For Likes, she has scored another coveted role alongside a hot leading man. Esom is cast to play a hairdresser's assistant named Lee Young Jae. She just happens to fall in love with Seo Kang Joon's character.

Which lovely lady do you have the biggest girl crush on?

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