Tomorrow, Lee Bo Young returns to the small screen in TVN's emotional new series Call Me Mother. In the remake of the 2010 Japanese hit show, she plays a temp teacher who realizes one of her students is being abused at home and takes rescue matters into her own hands. In real life, Lee is happily married to fellow actor Ji Sung and is a doting mom to daughter Kwak Ji Yoo. She is living the good life and has plenty to say about the wonderful husband she chose. Let's reminisce about six quotes she shared about life with Ji Sung. 

1. Her first impression of Ji Sung was less than stellar. She wasn't interested in him because he was a celebrity. 

"I did not like my husband, Ji Sung, at first, so I turned down his confession. I always thought I could not be with another celebrity, so I had a fantasy of being with an ordinary person more than a celebrity.... Ji Sung asked me out for three months and I really treated him badly. I pushed him away, saying I didn't like him."

2. How did her wedding preparations compare to other brides'? She received the royal treatment! 

"Truthfully, I didn't have to do any of the preparing for our wedding. From designing to everything else, Ji Sung did everything for me, so I was very grateful."

3. Even when they were newlyweds, they preferred cozy meals at home.

"Because when we both work, we have to eat food from home. If you keep eating out, it honestly puts a toll on your health. This morning, oppa [Ji Sung] prepared breakfast for me... Because I had to go out to work [today]... I had beef radish soup...To be honest, I said it was delicious and ate it."

4. Her husband keeps his career separate from his personal life, and she likes it that way. 

“The thing that I was most thankful for was that he never brought those emotions [from Defendant] home. I appreciated that he did that for me even though he was going through a hard time.”

5. The 39-year-old actress prefers not to co-star with her hubby on-screen. The pair have such a fun marriage, they wouldn't be able to concentrate on work. 

“I wouldn’t be able to get into my character, because I would laugh whenever I’d see his face.”

6. During the 2017 SBS Drama Awards, Lee explained that she and her husband are hands-on parents and prefer to skip babysitters throughout the awards season. 

“Usually at the end of the year, one of us is at the awards ceremony and the other is at home, and we would only meet each other at the crack of dawn. But for the first time since we got married, we’re in the same place [at the end of the year]...Our baby is 30 months old but she’s never seen her parents get all dolled up, so we brought her to take a picture with.”

Which Lee Bo Young quote melts your heart? Are you excited to see her dramatic K-drama comeback tomorrow, Call Me Mother?


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