Lee Min Ho visited the Philippines to promote for the Bench brand recently. It was his fifth visit to the beautiful country of many islands, and his crowd only seemed to get even larger. The Hallyu star also took a rare vacation there. Check out these impressive photos and find out what Lee Min Ho promised to his adoring fans.

The handsome star was in the Philippines for the 5th time, and Filipino fans couldn't be happier. Although the Bench brand has signed endorsements with many international stars, Lee Min Ho has proved to be the most popular star for the famous clothing line ever since he signed on in 2012. Lee Min Ho first gained popularity with Filipino fans with his role in the now iconic romance drama Boys Over Flowers

He visited both the capital city Manila on April 2 and then Cebu on April 3, in events promoted as "Be My Yeobo" Benchsetter Fun Meet. The "Be My Honey" slogan proved to be ingenious and attracted many thousands of fans at the events.

Just check out these enormous crowds:

(in Manila:)

(in Cebu, where Lee Min Ho visited for the first time:)

Whenever Lee Min Ho said "Mahal ko kayo," or "I love you all" in Tagalog, the crowd cheered. 

During an interview, Lee Min Ho expressed his appreciation for Filipino fans. He said, "I feel the love every time I am here. I look forward to it every visit. I don't get tired of returning again and again to the Philippines."

Lee Min Ho also took a rare mini-vacation in Cebu at Shangri-La’s Mactan resort. Philippines is a country composed of more than 7,000 islands, with many beautiful beaches and resorts. 

The middle photo in the collage above is his selfie posted to his Instagram as he left Cebu, with a message #goodbye #cebu. He also posted a lovely beach scene. And he said a lingering #goodbye #manila with this selfie:

So what did he promise to his fans?

Besides reminding everyone that his new movie Bounty Hunters will soon be released this summer, Lee Min Ho said that he'll meet fans again in a new TV drama this year.

His last drama Heirs was released in 2013. Although it is still extremely popular, we fans want to see him in a new drama soon! Very soon!

I'm sure his fans, especially the thousands of Filipino fans, are holding him to the promise.

How about you?

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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