Lee Seung Gi doesn't want to chat about his girlfriend during business hours! Today, the actor was in the CGV Cinema in Apgujeong, Seoul promoting his new movie Today's Love. During his press conference, he was asked about his Girls' Generation girlfriend Yoona. His response was quite unexpected. 

"I knew [this question] would come," he said. "I came here for my movie, but no matter what I say, I think the articles will be too focused on that... So, I will give no comment."

The MC Park Kyung Lim tried to push the issue by asking if she gave him any advice and knew about his new flick.

Lee laughed and added, "I will also give no comment on that either. She knows that I filmed the movie."

Today's Love is about two very different people falling in love. Joon Soo (Lee) is a hopeless romantic, and Hyun Woo (Moon Chae Won) is a serious girl.

The film premieres in theaters January 15. 

Why do you think Lee is being so secretive about his celebrity relationship? 

Watch Lee Seung Gi in the action series You Are All Surrounded:

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