Lee Tae Sung is a single father. Unfortunately, the Playful Kiss actor's whirlwind romance with his wife, who is seven years his senior, ended in heartbreak. The pair are going their separate ways after almost 4 years of marriage. 

“Lee Tae Sung [and his wife] mutually agreed to divorce. I haven’t been in constant contact with him since he is in the army," his affiliate told news media outlet Newsen today. 

The talented actor enlisted in the military in October 2013, and he is scheduled to be discharged in July. The affiliate also shared that he isn't signed to any agency at the moment.  In 2011, the handsome star registered his marriage and son's birth. The media heard the special news a year later. Lee met his ex-wife through an acquaintance in 2009. He dated the non-celebrity for three years.

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This is heartbreaking news. I really thought he protected his sweet family by keeping his private life private. It's a shame they couldn't make their new life work.

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