Lee Jung Shin's series, Longing Heart, came to a surprising conclusion last week. The talented writers shocked us with all the twists and turns the show took over the course of 10 episodes, but the emotional roller coaster was so worth it. However, the romantic fantasy left viewers with questions that we still want answered.

1. How was 18 year-old Kang Shi Woo (Seo Ji Hoon) able to time-travel effortlessly while 28 year-old Shin Woo couldn't?

When Shin Woo wanted to return to 2017, he physically injured himself with his attempts to travel through time. He couldn't return to the present-day on his own no matter how much he tried though his 18 year-old self had no problem following him to 2017 and return to 2007 when he wanted to.

2. Why did Shin Woo's mom (actress Kim Sun Young) sacrifice herself unnecessarily?

Her adult son traveled back in time to warn her not to go visit her ailing relative. She knew the only way to visit them would be to take the ferry. She decided to lie to Han Ji Soo (saying she didn't have a ticket) and accept the ticket she had. I think it would have been smarter to either warn the girl about the possible danger of riding on the ferry right now, or just take the ticket and not ride the ferry.

3. Why did Shin Woo's memories get jumbled up after his younger self returned to the past?

Besides his memories with Ji Soo, viewers assumed 18 year-old Shin Woo would continue to make the same life choices as his 28 year-old self, because he was the same person. However, Shin Woo couldn't keep his warm memories of the past straight. The effect on his mind in the present-day was so puzzling.

4. Why did Ji Soo (actress Lee Yeol Eum) refuse to date Shin Woo before he time-traveled?

Shin Woo changed the past by time-traveling, so Ji Soo shouldn't have felt guilty for his mom's death. His mom wasn't warned about the danger of traveling via ferry to her relative's home, so she would not have met Ji Soo or taken her ticket. Even if his mom did meet her, she may have rode the ferry with Ji Soo and chatted with her to get to know the girl her son likes. Nonetheless, Ji Soo was against dating Shin Woo before and after he time-traveled, but there wasn't a definite reason for it the first time around.

5. Why wasn't Shin Woo able to stop past tragedies that directly impacted his life from happening?

He heavily influenced the love lives of his friends and even helped them make better choices in the future. He even saved the life of one of his classmates who listened to his sound advice. So, why wasn't he able to save his mom from drowning and Ji Soo from deserting him for a decade?

What questions do you still have after watching the finale of Longing Heart?

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