You are already watching your favorite male stars in the newest K-dramas. Now, it's time to learn more about the leading ladies in the shows. Who are the lovely ladies leading the new K-dramas? 

Check out the list below to find out if your favorite celebrity women are starring in the latest batch of shows.

1. Son Soo Hyun (Puck!)

You may remember Son from last year's supernatural series Blood. This year, she joins the boys in the hockey short series starring a tough loan shark. Will she have a love interest in the show or soar as a fellow hockey player? You have to tune in to find out.

2. Jin Se Yun (High End Crush)

Jin has scored roles in well-known projects on DramaFever like It's Okay Daddy's Girl, Bridal Mask, and Doctor Stranger. This time around, she stars alongside Jung Il Woo in the romantic short series High End Crush. When the rich guy falls for a poor girl, will true love conquer all? 

3. Yoon Bo Ra (High End Crush

SISTAR's Bo Ra continues to expand her acting career by starring in this new web drama. After landing a supporting role on Doctor Stranger, fans have been anxious to see her return to the small screen. The sexy idol made their dreams come true by accepting a role in High End Crush.

4. Han Ye Seul (Madame Antoine)

Han is one lucky girl beingsurrounded by all those hot flower boys in her new series. The last time we saw Han was in Birth of a Beauty in 2014. This year, she is portraying a lovely psychic who is a hopeless romantic.

5. Hwang Seung Eon (Madame Antoine)

She is known best for being BEAST's Hyun Seung's love interest in his sexy "You're The First" music video last year. The rookie actress has taken supporting roles in projects like Sweden Laundry and Spellbound, but her part in Madame Antonie may prove to be her breakout role.

6. Kim Hye Soo (Signal

This timeless beauty has been acting for 3 decades. She is a respected veteran with over 50 movies and K-dramas under her belt! In her new series, Kim is surrounded by tough male detectives dedicated to solving a cold case. You'll have to tune into Signal to learn more about her heartbreaking love story. 

7. Kwon Yu Ri (Neighborhood Hero)

Who would miss seeing a Girls' Generation member on-screen? No dedicated Sone would! This idol's girl group has been considered one of the most talented and beautiful in the music industry. Each girl has tried her hand at a solo career, and Yu Ri is well-known for her acting after her role in Fashion King in 2012. She is also surrounded by the boys in her new secret agent series, Neighborhood Hero.

8. Sandara Park (Missing Korea)

The 2NE1 member has been starring in Filipino and Korean dramas since the mid-2000s. Now that her girl group is on hiatus, she has been taking over popular web dramas. She becomes a North Korean beauty queen in her brand new series Missing Korea. 

Which lady are looking forward to seeing the most this winter? 

Watch Han Ye Seul and Hwang Seung Eon in Madame Antoine:

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