After School Club's Jimin Park has been a fan favorite since she won the very first season of SBS K-Pop Star. The 15& member continued to grow her fanbase in the K-Pop world by making her solo debut with the single "Hopeless Love" last year and hosting ASC. Today, we will take a look at ten lovely photos that the 18 year-old idol's fanboys would absolutely love.

1. Who's that girl? It's Jimin during her 15& days! This cutie pie debuted in the duo alongside Baek Yerin in 2012. 

2. She is ready for fun in the sun in this charming summer mini dress.

3. Fanboys have to control their racing hearts when Jimin winks at them.

4. Take note boys! Even simple earphones can bring a smile to her face.

5. It's a combination of aeygo and just plain Jimin silliness. Of course, she is showing some skin to add a touch of sexiness.

6. Every fanboy wishes they could take Junior's place in this "couple" selfie. They two are not dating, but many probably started shipping them after this super cute snapshot.

7. Hallyuwood glamour girl alert! Black and white becomes her. 

8. Who doesn't love her hair and make-up in the glamour shot? it's has a classy yet casual feel to it. 

9. She looked like a living doll during her SBS K-Pop Star days.

10.  Who could reject that face? This is a screencap from her "Hopeless Love" music video.

Don't forget to tune in to After School Club on DramaFever to watch the adorable Jimin. Which lovely photo is your favorite? 


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Image Credits: Jimin's Official InstagramSBS and JYP Entertainment