Celebrities are just like us! We all have that star that will always have a special place in our hearts. Whether it be an actor, singer or model, we can't help turning up our inner fangirl (or fanboy) when we see a glimpse of them on-screen. Some of your favorite celebrities get butterflies for their fellow co-workers too. Let's take a look at seven precious celebrities that are crushing on fellow stars. 

1. Lee Min Ho

Earlier this year, JYP Entertainment reps told the media that the Boys Overs Flowers heartthrob was crushing on Miss A's  Suzy before they started dating. "We are aware that he thought about it a lot before professing his feelings. He was worried that it would burden Suzy, but [he said that] he couldn't hold his feelings in any longer."

2. Im Seulong

The 2AM member has been head over heels in love with Shin Min Ah for years. On MBC's Entertainment Relay program in 2012, the Love Cells 2 actor had this to say about his dream girl, "My ideal type hasn't changed. It is still Shin Min Ah. I enjoyed watching Arang and the Magistrate."

3. Park Bo Young

The Oh My Ghostess star has gushed about her big crush on Yeo Jin Goo many times. During an interview for her drama's finale, she said this about her noona love, “Honestly, I’ve said that I wanted to act with Yeo Jin Goo so many times that he may feel a bit overwhelmed. But I really like Yeo Jin Goo. Sometimes, I search him up online and read articles about him."

4. Ok Taecyeon

The Assembly actor has harbored a major crush on Ha Ji Won since his debut in 2008. He finally took the proper fanboy photos with her this year! In the summer, he shared this message on Twitter: "Finally, eight years after my debut, it’s time for my wish to come true...Tada...The goddess has arrived."

5.  Park Ye Eun (aka Yenny)

The Wonder Girls member expressed her affection for SHINee's Onew in 2010. She even called him "My Onew" in an interview. 

6. Kim Hee Chul

Every K-Pop fan knows the Attack on the Pin-Up Boys star has been in love with former Wonder Girls' member So Hee for years. This year, he reiterated his declaration of love, saying, “I have seen many other girl group members, but there is no one like So Hee. She is like the symbol of my heart. I can’t change it.”

7. Park Jin Young (aka Junior)

Got 7 was asked last year who they wanted to meet in music show waiting rooms. Junior admitted that he thought A Pink's Bomi has a pretty smile. The My Love Eun Dong actor added, "How do I introduce myself in the waiting room if I'm shy?"

Everyone has a celebrity crush. I assume there are many more secret loves out there. Who would you add to this celebrity crush list? 

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Image Sources: Mnet, CNTV and CeCi