Ji Soo is doing double duty on DramaFever! Early in the week, he is the regal Prince Wang Jung in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. By the time the weekend rolls around, he transforms into young lawyer Kim Sang Wook in Fantastic. This cute actor is quickly becoming a staple on everyone's must watch list, and you have to wonder how many lucky co-stars have been romanced by him on-screen. Besides his famous bromance with Nam Joo Hyuk, I have listed six ladies who Ji Soo made swoon in a recent K-drama. 

1. Park Si Yeon

Due to Ji Soo's emergency surgery, Kim Sang Wook's love story with his motorcycle riding noona may be delayed in Fantastic. However, viewers have been enjoying the naive young lawyer's complicated love lines so far, which includes a crush on Lee So Hye (Kim Hyun Joo) even though his K-drama fate crosses with Park's character Baek Sul. 

2. IU

Prince Wang Jung doesn't have an intense romance with Hae Soo like the 4th and 8th princes in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, but you can tell he cares her in his own way. Ji Soo's character was touched when she hugged him, and vowed to protect her when they were in the middle of a dangerous fight with kidnappers.

3. Park Shin Hye 

He took on the role of bad boy Soo Chul in Doctor Crush. Soo Chul was so taken with Hye Jung in high school he was set on her being his girlfriend. 

4. Kim So Hyun

When Yoon Yoo Seul tragically lost her eyesight, Ji Soo's character Jung Cha Sik is there for her! He enthusiastically offered to be her helper and their innocent relationship begins. Page Turner wasn't an all out romance, but you can sense how much the Jung cared for her through his actions.

5. Jung Eun Ji

After dealing with his abusive father and his own personal demons, Kang Yeon Doo is a breath of fresh air to to Seo Ha Joon in Cheer Up. After becoming BFFs with her, Seo can't help falling in love with the gifted dancer.

6. Kim Hee Sun

He played high school student Go Bok Dong who falls head over heels in love with a mom in her thirties in the 2015 MBC series Angry Mom.Off-screen he said Kim looked so young and pretty he had no problem perfecting his role as her love interest. 

Ji Soo is the best! DramaFever wishes him a speedy recovery from his recent surgery. Which on-screen Ji Soo relationship are you most jealous of? 

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