The handsome Taecyeon is all over DramaFever in his new shows Let's Fight Ghost and Touching You. For years, he has been making his leading ladies and audiences around the world swoon with his gentlemanly gestures. It's time to place a spotlight on six of the lucky ladies who were showered with Taec's on-screen love.

1. Moon Geun Young

His character has been in love with Moon ever since they were children in Cinderella's Sister. Noonas everywhere wanted a devoted Jung Woo, after seeing how much he truly cherished Song Eun Jo in the romantic melodrama.


Cinderella's Sister

Starring Moon Geun Young and Seo Woo

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2. Bae Suzy

Who didn't root for the Hye Mi and Ji Guk couple at least once in Dream High? He treated her like a princess throughout the entire drama by always protecting her, as well as his other female classmates who really needed him (especially Yoon Baek Hee). He may have been rough around the edges, but Jin Guk had a heart of gold. Of course, this was all before Suzy met her new on-screen love in Uncontrollably Fond.


Dream High

Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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3. Wu Ying Jie (aka Gui Gui)

He was such a strict hubby to Gui Gui in We Got Married - Season 1! I think her jokes about favoring Nichkhun over him upset him just a little, but their on-screen chemistry was delightful to see each week. They loved keeping the atmosphere lighthearted, and Taec seemed to enjoy teasing his pretend wife.


We Got Married - Global Edition Season 1

Starring Ok Taec Yeon and Wu Ying Jie

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4. So Yi Hyun

It's already hard trying to win your significant other's heart. Imagine your love sees ghosts and your stiff competition is their deceased ex! Taecyeon's character has to work extremely hard to make his leading lady swoon in Who Are You. A tough ghost is no joke!

5. Kim So Hyun 

Their relationship gets off to a rocky start in Let's Fight Ghost, however, it seems that Bong Pal has grown very fond of his lovely virgin ghost. When he begins to care about her eating well and surprises her with a new dress, I think he receives major brownie points in the boyfriend department. It's too bad her character is not actually alive in the series.


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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6. Song Ha Yoon

Do Jin Woo is Jin Hee Young's ultimate bodyguard in Touching You. After seeing her accidental death in a vision, Jin Woo is persuaded by his friend to protect her from it. Along the way, he begins to fall in love with the "angel on earth."


Touching You

Starring Ok Taec Yeon and Song Ha Yoon

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Which on-screen pairing was your favorite? Are you enjoying his roles in Let's Fight Ghost and Touching You?

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Image Credit: KEYEAST