We are less than a month away from the haunting TvN series Goblin. Star Yook Sung Jae is prepared to entertain us once again in his new role as Yoo Duk Hwa. While we wait for our idol and actor to surprise us with a thrilling new character, let's reminisce about 10 magical on-screen moments the BtoB member had in School 2015.

1. Tae Kwang (Yook) wanted to leave the hospital so badly he decided to scare the nurses by scaling the building. No one should ever try this in real life, but the magic of K-dramas kept his character safe when he peeked into Eun Bi's (Kim So Hyun) window to say hello.

2. When Tae Kwang threw a backpack over another student's head to start a fight. Unfortunately, the troublemaker didn't get he punch he was hoping for so he could skip class and rest in the school's clinic.

3. That moment Tae Kyung became an adorable fanboy of swimmer Yi Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk), before he found out they were classmates. 

4. He made the best K-drama joke ever by trying to pick up Eun Bi with a toy car.

5. Then, he proudly told her that she was crushing on him big time before she lost her memory. So not true!

6. Tae Kwang was still up to his mischievous ways by purposely causing a car accident between his vehicle and his teacher's. The fender bender was his idea of a joke so he could rest in the school's clinic. 

7. After provoking a fellow classmate he got in trouble with, Tae Kwang quickly transformed into the innocent party. 

8. He wasn't afraid to literally slap himself back into reality. Even though it hurt just a little. 

9.That adorable awkwardness Tae Kwang had after kissing Eun Bi on the cheek for the first time. Who seriously asks someone to hit them?

10. At the end of the drama, he did a complete 360 and had serious conversations! The class clown even opened up to his teacher about matters of the heart.

After taking that fun walk down memory lane, are you even more excited to see Yook Sung Jae in his new role on December 2? 

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