Born and raised in Miyazaki, Japan, Sky Brown is already living her dream. She is the youngest professional skateboarder in Vans Tour history, has numerous sponsors, and a legion of fans all around the world. And as if that weren't enough, she's a pretty awesome surfer, too.

Having started skating at the age of 3, Sky is already a world-ranked pro skater, competing against adults and stealing shows wherever she goes. "I’ve been going to skateparks with my dad ever since I can remember," says Sky. "It’s always been way more fun for me than regular parks, I just prefer ramps and bowls to swings and slides. They are just sooo much more fun." Her dad, who is also a skater, got the message early, bringing his little girl not only to the skatepark, but to the beach as well, where she now shreds waves just like she does the street. With her awesome skating and charming personality, Sky has superstar written all over her, with companies like Moonjelly Wetsuits, 5050 WaveSkates, surfboards by BEN WEI, FLAKE clothing, Greenfix ECO Surfwax, XS helmets, and PRIDE SOCK proudly being endorsed by her. On her Instagram account that she shares with her equally-talented little skater-brother Ocean, the siblings have over 48,000 followers, a number sure to grow in the coming years.

When asked who her biggest inspiration was, Sky responded that it was Bryce Wettstein, her number one hero. Who's that, you ask? She's another skater/surfer, a girl who Sky loves and looks up to. "I really want to be like her, I always watch her YouTube videos. They make me so pumped and happy. She’s so funny and sooo awesome and cool." And how old is Bryce? She's actually a lot older than Sky — she's 12.

Kids these days . . . 


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