Not only does she look as smooth and graceful as anyone can going down an open street and doing tricks on a longboard, but new Korean sensation Ko Hyojoo does it with a unique style and charm all her own, wearing miniskirts and cute outfits as she skates her way to international recognition.

One of Korea's biggest players in the skateboard/longboard scene has only been skating for two years, yet she is already known throughout the world. Ko Hyojoo, who, despite her newfound fame, still considers skating to be just a hobby, is bringing a style and elegance to the skateboarding world unlike no one has ever seen. Always in the cutest outfits, Ko gracefully glides down the street, spinning, dancing and doing crazy tricks while her long hair blows in the wind. After posting videos of herself skating through the streets of Seoul, Ko has received invitations to bring her longboard with her and do the same in other cities around the world, like Berlin and Paris, where fans have been eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of her. 

Originally picking up longboarding just so she would have something to do while not working as a designer for messaging app LINE, she's been riding every single day since she bought a board for herself. "I knew it was a good idea to do it, " said Ko. "I then never stopped and still am going forward with it because it is purely fun." When explaining to Vogue magazine why she rides a longboard instead of a conventional skateboard, Ko replied, "I longboard because I find it more amusing, and it looks more stylish in my opinion."

Way too cool.

Dancing on her board


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