Something in the Rain was loved by audiences in South Korea and internationally for its vintage vibe and main characters' on-screen chemistry. From romance to fighting, each episode held a plot twist we anticipated. The realistic fairy tale also boasted insightful and infuriating quotes from the subtle heroes and villains.

Let's take a look at some of those stand out quotes.

1. "Our relationship is just not great... you know how it is. It's like konjac." - Episode 1

2. "They're all lies. 'Hey, what can't you say or do when you're seducing a woman?' I studied engineering. That's what I heard the most, surrounded by men for four years." - Episode 2

3. "Later, when I meet my mom in heaven, I'll give her a very high invoice. I made your son into a fantastic guy." - Episode 3

4. Who doesn't have a past? Also, you said when you love someone, it should be crazy, passionate and intense. You said it should be hot. Didn't you say it's mistreating the other person if it's not like that?" - Episode 4

5. "I want to look at Yoon Jin Ah. I want to hold her. I want to hold Yoon Jin Ah tighter." - Episode 5

6. "It's not like there's a reason we must not date. Why do we have to act like criminals? They might actually be happy for us, if we tell everyone." - Episode 6

7. "I've known him since he was young, so he's like a son. i know better than anyone that he's great and kind. A person like that is dating Jin Ah. I couldn't be any happier." - Episode 7

8. " The one thing you can't trust is love. That's the one thing I learned from our dad." - Episode 8

9. "You can't meet my standards. When people care about such standards, they're called materialistic... I don't care. Why? Because they're my children. - Episode 11

10. "You should've checked how I felt first. You said you didn't want to make me worry again. There was always a lie hidden in those words." - Episode 13

11. "Don't live your life hating me. It's a waste of your life". - Episode 14

12. "The person I am now has grown up too much. Seo Joon Hee has made me into an adult." - Episode 15

Which Something in the Rain quote resonated with you the most?


Something in the Rain

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