The short series, Magic School, was full of ups and downs. The characters experienced the joy of falling in love for the first time as well as the inconceivable loss of a loved one. Through it all, some of them were able to witness beautiful miracles that changed their lives. Let's revisit the miracles in Magic School that open our eyes to life's extraordinary moments.

1. Jay's life was saved.

After being denial about his older brother's passing, Jay (Yoon Park) was determined to find him again through any means necessary. He was set on attempting the same dangerous trick that took his brother's life until Master Han (Ryu Seung Soo) revealed to him the startling conversation he had with his brother. That revelation ultimately saved Jay's life.

2. Lee Na Ra and his dad formed a stronger bond.

Father and son begin to understand each other after their big blow-up. Na Ra (GOT7's Jinyoung) realizes that the reason behind his dad's overprotectiveness was his fear of losing loved ones again. When the two reconciled, Na Ra was able to help his dad while pursing his own dreams.

3. Yi Seul and Sung fell in love.

Master Han's rigid daughter Yi Seul (Shin Eun Soo) began to warm up to scientific genius Lee Sung (Kang Yoon Je) when he openly admitted his feelings for her. They were both a little awkward in the beginning, but their affection for each other changed them both for the better.

4. Master Han's daughter, Yi Seul, was accepted into the dance group of her dreams.

Despite her rookie status, the prestigious dance group accepted her after a fair audition. We like to believe her genius boyfriend helped her memorize the diffucult choreography.

5. Woo Ri, Sung and Master Han decided to stay with their loved ones.

Instead of running away from their problems, this trio decided to follow their hearts. Woo Ri (Park Gyu Young) and Sung chose their lovers over an extensive stay abroad. Master Han, on the other hand, decided to stay with his daughter and brave whatever obstacles his business and personal life might face in the future.

Which Magic School miracle took you by surprise?


Magic School

Starring Park Jin Young (Jr.) and Yoon Park

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