As we near episode 9, there are so many questions we have about the mysterious" target="_blank">Are You Human Too? series. Secrets are being exposed one by one and people's lives are becoming more entwined each week. From the budding love story to the lingering deception, this exciting K-drama has so much to offer. Let's take a look at a few questions that are probably at the top of everyone's list.

1. Who is Kang So Bong going to fall in love with?

At this point, it's pretty obvious that So Bong (Gong Seung Yeon) and Nam Shin 3 (Seo Kang Joon) will get attached to each other as the series progresses. He already kissed her in episode 5! However, the human Nam Shin is bound to wake up and shake her heart and it's very possible sparks will star flying with his assistant Ji Young Hoon (Lee Joon Hyuk). So Bong has so many options in this series!

2. What is Oh Ro Ra and Seo Jong Gil's backstory?

Seo Jong Gil (Yoo Oh Seong) is determined to ruin Oh Ro Ra's life! He's responsible for her husband's death, and he even hired an assassin to murder her son. We know his greed is driving him, but I can't help but wonder if these two have a much longer history together. Did he know Oh Ro Ra (Kim Sung Ryung) before she married into the prestigious Nam family?

3. What is wrong with grandfather Nam Gun Ho?

They have thoroughly convinced viewers that grandfather (Park Yeong Gyu) is suffering from dementia. There was no doubt that this was 100% true! However, the lie detector in Nam Shin 3 proved that grandfather is lying to everyone. What is wrong with him?

4. Will Nam Shin 3 turn to the dark side?

With the revelation of the kill switch, viewers can guess that Nam Shin 3 will become enraged when he finds out about it. He trusts his creator completely and considers her his actual mom. Seo Jong Gil's side will look pretty good to him when he discovers he's been lied to about the length of his existence.

5. Will any Nam Shin prevail in the end?

Nam Shin and Nam Shin 3 will definitely be fighting to survive as the show progresses. The human is currently holding on to dear life, while the robot will eventually end up fighting his own creator to stop her from flipping the kill switch. We can take a wild guess and say that the robot could try to overpower the human Nam Shin to take his place, because he is getting too attached to his life already.

Which question do you want answered the most?

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Are You Human Too?

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