Kim So EunLee Won Geun and Sun Woong are simply delightful in Thumping Spike 2. They join a host of other actors playing faculty and volleyball players in the sports series you can easily marathon in one day. This short drama was not only easy to watch, but it was filled with aeygo! If you are looking for that perfect K-drama pick me up, look no further than the irresistible cuteness of Thumping Spike 2!

Check out twelve aeygo moments below you have to see to believe. 

1. Dong Hae Sung's college welcome by his stalker fans was a little too warm when they hugged him and asked for a kiss. Many of their scenes turned out to be hilarious because the girls were such talented actresses.  

2. Go Yi Ra (actor Sun Woong) wasn't going to rest until pro-athlete Hae Sung (actor Lee Won Geun) joined his struggling volleyball team. Even to the point of waiting for him outside his classroom windows.

3. Han Da Woon's (actress Kim So Eun) awkward second meeting with Go Yi Ra. She intended to thank him for saving her life, but it didn't  quite turn out the way she planned. 

4. Han Ah Reum turned up the aeygo when she auditioned for the cheering squad in her twin's place. Da Woon did her own version of cute when she auditioned later on.

5. Hae Sung couldn't help but be distracted by Da Woon when he was suppose to be having a serious conversation with someone else in the cafeteria. It was impossible not to smile during this heartwarming moment. 

6. After Da Woon became aware of her feelings for Dae Sung, her cute awkwardness started. She couldn't even pose right for a simple school promotion ad with him. 

7. Yi Ra tricked Ha Woon into putting on couple rings in the sneakiest way ever. He was so cunning. 

8. When he took her home moments later, the way he asked for a goodnight kiss was adorable! You couldn't help but giggle.

9. Son Soo Bin (actress Ha Seung Ri) broke with tradition and walked her boyfriend home from their date. They said goodbye in the most unique way before they went out yet again.This couple never fails to bring a smile to your face during their scenes.

10. That moment Da Woon's boyfriend realized he was kissing the wrong twin. You could sense the end was coming! The way he responded was quite the opposite of ingenious. 

11. This was the ultimate "aww" moment until they were interrupted. Da Woon finally confessed her feelings for Hae Sung when she found out he might be dropping out of her college. Her confession was full of sweetness.

12. Their "aww" moment later that episode when he dropped by her house. Hae Sung finally decided to be open about his feelings and gave her a sweet hug.

Which special moment in Thumping Spike 2 gave you the feels? 

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Thumping Spike 2

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