Tomorrow With You bewitched us all last week with its evocative story that pulled at your very soul. Every twist and turn is brand new, but it feels like you have been here before. Maybe because you have! Longtime K-drama fans recognize Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah's familiar scenes that seem to mirror their favorite dramas from the past. Have you missed those special moments?  Well, relive what made you fall in love with K-dramas with these seven nostalgic scenes.

1. First meetings are what K-drama fans live for! TWY mixed it up when it came to that awkward first meeting. Not only was their first encounter strange, it was calculated by Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon)! He was dying to meet Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) to save her life from an accident in her near future.  

2. We all love those drunk scenes where characters let loose. Viewers get a glimpse of what is in their heart even if its in a very comedic way. Ma Rin poured her heart out to So Joon on their first date. It's too bad his early impression of her wasn't positive.

3. Saving a lady from getting hit by a moving vehicle is classic! In this new series, So Joon knew exactly when the accident was scheduled to occur. So, he did all he could to help Ma Rin avoid it which included pulling her out of harm's way just in the nick of time. It's too bad she wasn't the least bit grateful for his help. 

4. Following the almost accident, Ma Rin fainted in the middle of the street. Our time traveler didn't see this coming, but K-dramas would not be the same without a main star losing consciousness at the most unexpected times. 

5. Rich guys are so arrogant in K-dramas, and they belittle their future lovers as much as possible in the early episodes. Our time traveller mistook a date for chestnut. Instead of admitting she was right, he acted like recognizing the fruit was beneath him. 

6. The dreaded denial of their feelings! Main characters love admitting early on in the series that they will never love each other, but we know how it turns out in the end. Yoo So Joon has one of those moments with Song Ma Rin. He admits that he has no feelings for her whatsoever, and he never wants to see her again.

7. We anticipate the wrist grab. For some reason, male K-drama characters think it's more effective to grab the leading lady by the wrist, pull them to another location so they can have a private place to talk. TWY had that classic K-drama moment right when Song Ma Rin was about to score a date! It always happens at the most unexpected times! 

Now that you have enjoyed a brief trip down memory lane, what other scenes in Tomorrow With You brought back fond K-drama memories for you?  

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Tomorrow With You

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