With so many celebrities and non-celebrities alike falling victim to various forms of online harassment and bullying, Moon Chae Won has decided to fight back, specifically against an internet troll who has been claiming that he's been dating the actress since 2015. 

"I have been dating Moon Chae Won since March 2015. If this is not true I will break my fingers with a shovel that is used for military purposes." So says a crazed fan of the actress, who either just wants her attention or is straight-up delusional. Either way, his presence and random internet posts have been causing the Nice Guy star emotional and psychological distress. "We will be taking measures including legal action against the netizen as his postings have crossed the line and are bringing extreme displeasure," read a statement released by her agency, Namoo Actors. 

If prosecuted and found guilty, the offending internet troll will face either: a possible seven-year jail sentence, a ten-year suspended sentence, or a fine of up to 50 million won (44,500 US dollars). With so many cyberbullies hiding behind their keyboards and basically destroying the emotional states of people they don't even know (celebrity or not), it's about time that online harassment gets taken seriously in the eyes of the law. Hopefully, this so-called Moon Chae Won fan will be made an example of, so others will think twice before they run their fingers off, knowing they'll be facing some serious consequences.

This is one girl who's not having it.


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