Single celebrities are setting the lifestyle trend this decade. From happily single to waiting for the one, this is the second set of stars who are basking in the here and now. Let's see more sexy people in the spotlight who are thoroughly enjoying flying solo. 

1. Han Hyo Joo (30)

The Shining Inheritance star has successfully avoided any earth-shattering dating scandals and can still be considered the girl-next-door when it comes to love. That didn't stop K-drama fans from shipping the lovely actress with former co-star Lee Jong Suk last year (because of their sizzling on-screen chemistry). Nonetheless, the facts are that she's single and living the life. 

2. Lee Dong Wook (35)

He's tall, handsome, and a bachelor! K-drama fans worldwide can't get enough of this hot actor after his dark role in Goblin. In past interviews, he admitted to being devoted to long-term relationships, but he is much happier being single. 

3. Jung Ryeo Won (35)

From her K-Pop days with girl group Chakra to her successful acting career, the Bubblegum star has the life many envy. She was recently swept up in dating rumors with former Winner member Nam Tae Hyun. The rumors were denied twice, but fans are still curious about her private love life.

4. Bae Doo Na (37)

When the lovely actress spilt from British actor Jim Sturgess in 2015, we all felt for her. However, she picked herself right back up by starring in the hit Netflix series Sense 8 and the 2016 South Korean blockbuster The Tunnel. To date, she hasn't felt the need to be shy about her relationships. Are you shipping her with any of her co-stars in Stranger (Secret Forest)

5. Kim Jong Kook (41)

He's a self-proclaimed Yoon Eun Hye fanboy, but he keeps his dating life to himself. Those close to him know he dates, but the star doesn't kiss and tell. Nonetheless, his friends want him to get married soon. 

6. Son Ye Jin (35)

The Open City actress admitted that her career is her first love, and it trumps romantic relationships in her life. However, Son believes getting married and having children helps actresses mature. Even though she has been enjoying the single life, she hopes to wed someday. 

7. Park Hae Jin (34)

After making a promise with a female friend to marry each other at age 35, the Cheese in the Trap actor is having second thoughts. He still plans to keep his promise if that friend meets him this summer, but most likely he is not anticipating marriage in his immediate future. He admitted in an interview that he feels it gets harder for a person to marry after age 35. 

8. Park Soo Ae (37)

She has kept her private life very private. The single life suits the Sweet Stranger and Me actress very well, but she isn't opposed to age gaps in relationships. When asked if she would be interested in dating a man 3 years her junior, she said it would be a cool thing.

9. Jo In Sung (36)

The Dear My Friends star has been riding solo most of his career, but he is ready for marriage life. In an interview this past winter, Jo expressed his desire to marry soon. His ideal type is a gentle lady. 

10. Jung Woo Sung (44)

For the majority of his career, the Remember You actor kept his private life out of the spotlight. His brief relationship with actress with Lee Ji Ah was made public in 2011 before it ended shortly after. His agency even revealed a couple of years ago that he would openly admit if he was dating someone. 

11. Go Hyun Jung (46)

The Dear My Friends actress has been flying solo since her divorce in 2003. The split from her ex-husband was tough, but her fans have continued to shower her with so much love she can't help but enjoy her single life.

Which celebrity's single life do you envy the most?


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