Following the growing interest in my first South Korean celebrities who have been heartbroken article, I decided to place a spotlight on more celebrities who have overcome broken hearts. If you are currently mending a broken heart, please know you are not alone. Read about five more stars who have separated from the people they fell in love with over the years.

1. and 2. SHINee's Jonghyun and actress Shin Se Kyung

Netizens went wild when they heard a handsome singer and beautiful actress were dating in October 2010. Nine months later, they called it quits. The Sensory Couple actress's agency told Star News the real reason for their break up was their hectic schedules. "After the news of their relationship was made known, the two were so busy with their schedules that it became difficult for them to meet and spend time together. They naturally decided to stay friends."

3. G.NA (Choi Gina)

The "Oops" singer and her boyfriend of five years broke up because he didn't approve of her revealing outfits. In 2012, she talked about the reason for the split on MBC's Come to Play program. "Even if I only wore something as simple as skinny jeans and a shirt, he would tell me, ‘Hey, it’s too revealing. Don’t wear that.’”

She added, "As a girl, you have the desire to wear something sexy and a bit revealing at times. We just had completely different ideas regarding that. When that difference gets deeper, it’s just hard to keep up the relationship.”

4. JYP (Park Jin Young)

The Dream High actor and his first wife divorced in 2009. She was his first love, and they were together for 16 years before they grew apart. 

 "When I was 20 years old, we appeared very similar to many people, but over the course of 16 years we slowly grew apart," the CEO of JYP Entertainment said through an official statement on his website. 

 "We realized that we had become very different people. We worried and wandered for a few years and finally decided to separate."

5. Go Hyun Jung

The Daemul actress married prominent businessman Chung Yong Jin in 1995. She even gave up acting to focus on being a wife. After eight years of marriage and two children, the couple divorced. Her ex-husband received full custody of their children. 

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