Once your favorite K-drama or movie ends, some stars go home to their dream come true. The people they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with surpass their co-stars. Unless, of course, their co-star is their lover. 

Celebrities continue to have the best "how we met" stories. You fell in love with my first list of adorable love stories, so now it's time to read some additional encounters that will melt K-drama fans' hearts. Even if some of them end in heartbreak.

1. Tablo and Kang Hye Jung

The Epik High singer and the Miss Ripley actress first laid eyes on each other at a cell phone store, but their second meeting was just as awkward. They disclosed their two chance meetings on SBS's Healing Camp in 2012.

"I listened to his album 1 Minute 1 Second, and I realized I could relate to it. So, we met through mutual acquaintances around us. He remembers me as a rude person." Kang said.  

Tablo added, "Bong Tae Kyu introduced me to her. When she arrived, I was around other actors. She was a bit rude and cold when she said 'hi.'"

Now, the married pair did mention their very first encounter with each other in that special cell phone store.

"When I was working with my song 'Fly,' I went to a cell phone store to buy a good phone. This lady next to me was putting a screen protector on her screen," the singer explained. Kang immediately left the store after someone teased her about putting the protector on her screen. Her future husband was surprised to learn that she was actress Kang Hye Jung after her departure. He was one of her fans. Now you can see the couple and their adorable daughter Haru on the first season of Return of Superman.

Han Ga In and Yun Jung Hoon

The Moon that Embraces The Sun actress and the Vampire Prosecutor actor met on the set of the 2003 KBS series Yellow Handkerchief. They began dating while the show was still in production. 

Just like Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young's relationship, Yun had to woo Han for three months before she agreed to date him. He was taken with her exotic beauty when they met.

“The first time I saw my wife, I thought she looked racially mixed, and [she] had a very special appearance." 

He tried to get on her agent's good side to get her attention.

"Then, I began pursuing her. The first method was buying wine. First, [I] needed to win over the wife’s agent. After I finished each recording, I would ask him to drink day after day. Ga In, who just debuted at that time, thought everyone drank like that.”

3. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young 

This famous couple's first meeting wasn't on City Hunter; it was on a commercial filming set. They were friends before they fell in love.

"I met her for the first time 5 years ago in advertisement shoot, and we did a drama together. She is like a friend. So, I was worried about the love scenes, but we discussed the scenes and had many conversations so being friends worked in our favor," he said in an exclusive interview with One TV Asia in 2013. 

Their busy schedules slowly tore the two apart. News about their official separation hit the media in January 2012. 

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4. Choi JI Woo and Lee Jin Wook 

TheTemptationactress met the Spy Myung Wol actor on the set of their 2007 MBC action thriller series Air City  Lee even confessed that the timeless beauty Choi was his ideal type, and he was happy to work with her. 

In 2011, they split, but remained friends. The stars' agencies mentioned that the media attention their relationship received put a strain on them.

5. Jeon Ji Hyun and non-celebrity Choi Joon Hyuk

TheMy Love From Another Star actress met her future husband next door.

“We grew up in the same neighborhood, so we knew each other. We started a serious relationship after we officially met through an acquaintance two years ago," she said at the press conference before her wedding in 2012.

Choi is the grandson of hanbok designer Lee Young Hee, and he is the son of fashion designer Lee Jung Woo. His occupation is in banking. 

She eventually fell for his daring and romantic nature. “One evening, he said we were going somewhere. [He] told me to come with my passport. I followed him; we ended up at the airport. We immediately left for Japan. In Japan, he asked me to marry him.”

Which couple's story is your favorite?

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